Ten Percent Renewable Energy Sources
by 2015 Coalition Urges

November 15, 2007
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GRAND RAPIDS — A coalition of alternative energy companies and environmental groups Thursday called for legislative action to require that 10 percent of Michigan's energy be supplied by renewable sources by 2015.

Legislation supporting that goal got the nod in the state House, but is "languishing" in the state Senate, reported Rep. Robert Dean, D-Grand Rapids, who attended a MI Energy Future press conference touting the Renewable Portfolio Standard, which has been enacted in 24 states. MI Energy Future is a project of the Michigan Sustainable Energy Coalition.

Mark Bauer, president of Bauer Power of Wayland, said his company specializes in installing and integrating renewable energy systems, such as wind turbines and solar panels, in homes and businesses. He said he believes the renewable energy industry should be viewed for its potential for economic development.

"Last year, I had no employees. This year, I have four, and that's with no incentives and no real inspiration for people to put in renewable other than a desire to make energy free and from renewable sources," Bauer said.

"As a small business here in Michigan, I know my company could easily double or triple in size if we had some incentives."

Matt McLogan, vice president of university relations at GrandValleyStateUniversity, was a member of the Michigan Public Service Commission, which oversees utilities, in the 1980s.

"I think the proposals that can work best in Michigan and work best for our citizens are those that allow the regulated industries, the electric utilities, the House, the Senate, the governor and the Public Service Commission to come together all on the same page."

Jennifer Alvarado, executive director of the Great Lakes Renewable Energy Association, said a petition is available at www.michigancleanenergy.com/.    

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