New PowerQuest Owner Recognized By EPA

December 7, 2007
| By Pete Daly |
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HOLLAND — PQ Marine Holdings Inc., a new company that is resuming production of PowerQuest boats, has been recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Design For the Environment program for its use of a HAP-free cleaning fluid.

According to Philip Hall, president/CEO of PQ Marine Holdings, the powerboat manufacturing process has traditionally used volatile chemicals, especially in cleaning. A certificate from the EPA's Design for the Environment department, to be presented to the company this morning with Congressman Pete Hoekstra and Senator Wayne Kuipers scheduled to be in attendance,  recognizes PQ Marine Holdings' "health and environmental stewardship" for successfully implementing use of Polychem Acrastrip, a HAP-free nonflammable cleaning fluid "with significant workplace health and environmental benefits." HAP stands for "hazardous air pollutant."

PQ Marine Holdings, which has just resumed production of PowerQuest boats, is determined to be “as environmentally friendly as possible," according to Hall.

"Currently, we have reduced our HAP to less than 1 percent of our permitted limit," he said. "Even at our projected full production, we will produce less than 4 percent of the total permitted HAP."

PowerQuest, which was founded in 1983, ceased production in 2005. Hall, who is also the founder and owner of Coastal Performance Marine, a powerboat rigger in Muskegon, said he bought PowerQuest in January and has been reconditioning the factory, which has 55,000 square feet of manufacturing space on 14 acres. PowerQuest now employs 14 people, including some who worked there in the past.

Hall said PowerQuest builds "performance" and sport cruiser boats ranging in size from 22 to 38 feet. He estimates they will produce about 50 boats for the 2008 model year.    

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