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January 9, 2008
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LANSING — The Michigan Department of Labor & Economic Growth reminds business owners to use FILEOnline, which offers paperless filing from the Corporation Division’s Web site for reports and statements. 

According to a news release, DLEG Director Keith W. Cooley said the customer provides the same information using FILEOnline as required on a paper report or statement and can also change the resident agent and/or the registered office address.

“The simple and convenient online filing eliminates the need to submit paper reports and checks, as customers pay for the filing with a MasterCard or Visa using the secure and approved state of Michigan credit card authorization process,” Cooley said. “Best of all, after the report or statement is filed online, the image of the filed report or statement is available almost immediately on the DLEG Web site.”

Currently, there are 329,767 limited liability companies in good standing that can file online to meet the Feb. 15 due date for annual statements.

Michigan corporations and Michigan and foreign limited liability companies in good standing can file their current year and prior year annual reports and statements online. DLEG worked with the Department of Information Technology to offer this online service for customers and businesses two years ago. The service, which provides cost-savings for the state, was upgraded earlier this year to add the ability to file prior year reports and statements.

"FILEOnline is another example of how we are utilizing technology to make life easier for Michigan business owners," added Teri Takai, director of the Michigan Department of Information Technology. "We will continue to partner with DLEG in applying technology to improve government services for our citizens and businesses."

FILEOnline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and has become popular with customers, with several hundred businesses filing reports online each day. This service allows the business to view:

  • Which reports or statements have been filed within the last three years.

  • When those reports or statements were filed.

The service also allows the user to print filed reports and other documents for the company on the Business Entity Search link.

Additionally, if a prior year report or statement has not been filed, a reminder message advises the customer when the prior report or statement must be filed in order to maintain good standing and includes the required fee to complete the filing.

FILEOnline can be accessed at www.michigan.gov/fileonline. For more information about the Corporation Division, visit www.michigan.gov/corporations.

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