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March 28, 2008
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KALAMAZOO – Jasper Clinic is increasing the number and variety of human research studies it does to test potential new medicines, devices and diagnostic tests via a newly formed partnership with Bronson Vicksburg Hospital. According to a news release, the partnership enables Jasper Clinic to utilize unoccupied space at Bronson Vicksburg Hospital to host research projects it can't accommodate at its main, 50-bed unit in downtown Kalamazoo.

The first research project at Bronson Vicksburg Hospital began in December 2007 and concluded in February. It involved testing a new medicine intended for kidney dialysis and congestive heart failure patients.

Bronson Vicksburg Hospital has rooms available for research studies that it leases to the Jasper Clinic. Jasper Clinic provides the staff for all research studies done at the hospital.

"Jasper Clinic continues to seek ways to do new types of studies that will improve the quality of clinical research, allowing companies to make better, faster decisions and reduce costs for new medicines" said Dean Knuth, president and CEO of Jasper Clinic. "Bronson Vicksburg Hospital's patient-oriented design fits this need. We can offer a variety of new studies in a residential and easily accessible setting in the Vicksburg community. These studies will contribute to international research in areas such as heart care, obesity, inflammation and migraines."

The partnership is a continuation of a long-standing relationship between Jasper Clinic and Bronson. Jasper Clinic currently leases space on the downtown Kalamazoo campus of Bronson Methodist Hospital. The clinic is primarily staffed by Bronson employees.

"Both organizations have been eager to further enhance our relationship," said Laura Howard, director of Bronson Vicksburg Hospital. "We have available space, so we're glad to have it used for this important research. It's a great way for people to become more familiar with the hospital and the Vicksburg community."

The studies at Bronson Vicksburg Hospital will not require as much patient-staff interaction as those done at Jasper Clinic, and the hospital offers more privacy in its rooms for patients. There will be approximately four new studies per year at Bronson Vicksburg Hospital and most studies last about one to three months. Study participants usually stay at the clinic from one day to over two weeks, depending on the type of research.

"Bronson is proud to be associated with the Jasper Clinic," stated Cheryl Knapp, Bronson vice president, quality and safety. "As a nationally known company, they bring cutting-edge research to the Kalamazoo area."

Knuth adds, "Jasper Clinic is here today because of the far-sighted commitment that Bronson's management team made to the life sciences, and this collaboration is another example of their leadership."

To learn more about Jasper Clinic studies and how to participate in one, area residents should talk to their doctor; call Jasper's recruiters at (800) 458-6072 or visit

Jasper Clinic is an independent clinical research organization that performs research studies for all the major pharmaceutical organizations. A phase I clinical pharmacology service provider, Jasper Clinic specializes in innovative early clinical research studies. It has a 50-bed unit that excels in cardiac safety, pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic, drug interaction and methodology studies, and has proven expertise using biomarkers and pharmacogenetics into novel studies. Jasper Clinic traces its roots back to the 1960s when it began as a joint effort of The Upjohn Company and Bronson. It has been independent since 2003. With a workforce of nearly 100, Jasper Clinic conducts 15 to 20 studies annually.

Bronson Vicksburg Hospital, 13326 North Boulevard Ave., Vicksburg, is part of Bronson Healthcare Group, a not-for-profit healthcare system serving all of southwest Michigan and northern Indiana. Bronson Vicksburg Hospital is accredited with The Joint Commission's Gold Seal of Approval for compliance with national standards for health care quality and safety. It provides around-the-clock emergency services in a full-service Emergency Department as well as lab work, X-rays, mammograms, bone density studies, and outpatient therapies such as physical, occupational and speech. HQX

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