Klever Kutter Sales Reach A Million

April 7, 2008
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MUSKEGON — Sales of the patented box cutter Klever Kutter have reached the one million mark, a little more than two years after it was introduced.

Orville Crain, the Klever Kutter partner in charge of marketing, said the sales are "due in large part" to the company’s group of distributors, which, he said, are "some of the top safety companies in the U.S." He added that sales outside of the U.S. are also "significant," with new distributors added in Europe and Israel.

Other partners are Jeff Kempker, who had the original idea for Klever Kutter, and Matt Jacobs, owner of Advanced Molding Solutions in Grand Haven, where the product is made.

The Klever Kutter has a recessed blade design that helps prevent accidental contact. The cutting area is also shielded, which reduces the risk of damaging merchandise while cutting open shipping boxes.

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