Court Cost Rises

June 16, 2008
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GRAND RAPIDS — County commissioners allocated nearly $1.4 million more to the construction of the new 63rd District courthouse last week, a move that will bring the project’s total cost close to $9 million.

Of the additional monies, the county will spend $645,000 on a geo-thermal heating and cooling system for the 40,000-square-foot building. Another $648,000 will go to additional engineering expenses and site-preparation work. Another $100,000 will be spent to get the building LEED certified. The new dollars will come from next year’s capital improvements budget. The county sets aside two-tenths of a mill from property-tax receipts for the fund.

“The project has not been bid yet. It will be bid in the next 30 days,” said Bob Mihos, facilities management director for the county.

The courthouse will go up on Knapp Street, just east of the East Beltline in Grand Rapids Township. The county bought the site from the township for $895,000 and had initially set aside $625,000 for site preparation. The cost to build the courthouse has been estimated at $6 million.

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