County May Buy More Park Land

June 23, 2008
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GRAND RAPIDS — Kent County has a chance next week to add two parcels of land totaling 31 acres to Millennium Park for $10,333. The 2008 State Equalized Value for both is $116,400.

The parcels belong to the estate of Arnold Bordewyk, the late owner of Riverside Sand and Gravel Co., and have gone into foreclosure due to delinquent taxes. The county can buy one parcel for $1,685 and the other for $8,648; both prices are considered the minimum bid amounts.

The parcels contain a former landfill for construction materials and have never been properly capped.

Closing the sites has been estimated at costing $1.54 million.

The properties are along Butterworth Drive on the northern boundary of the park and are the highest points in the park, an ideal setting for a look-out or picnic area.

County commissioners will decide Thursday whether to purchase the parcels. The Finance Committee recommended last week that commissioners buy the properties.

State law gives the state the right of first refusal to buy foreclosed land, followed by the municipality and then the county the parcels are in. The state and the city of Walker have already decided not to purchase the sites.

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