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August 11, 2008
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GRAND RAPIDS —  X-Rite Inc. just introduced a new spectrophotometer to help the auto industry correct problems involving metallic flake and other "effect" paints.

X-Rite said its new xDNA system with MA98 handheld spectrophotometer can overcome the problem of accurately measuring color and appearance of coatings with “sparkle,” which confounds other optical instruments.

Metal flake paints may look different under different light and angles of view. Quality control personnel can see when parts don't match properly, but until now, the instruments they used could not give measurements to correct the problem.

The new product "is giving automakers and their suppliers the appropriate tool to distinguish characteristics of effect paints that can’t even be detected — much less analyzed —- by other systems,” said Brian Teunis, market manager of X-Rite’s Industrial Color & Appearance division in Grand Rapids. “We coined the term ‘xDNA’ to emphasize the fact that each effect paint has a unique, three-dimensional mathematical model, similar to the way that each person has a unique DNA structure.”

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