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October 10, 2008
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From the age of 16, Carl Wiseman has been working with McDonald’s. Now he owns four area McDonald’s under Wiseman LLC/Management.

“I’ve been with McDonald’s since I was 16, and it was something that I decided to do — to become an owner-operator,” said Wiseman. “I had been saving money since I was 18, and actually saved enough money to take advantage of an opportunity that came available in Grand Rapids.”

Wiseman, who this week will receive the Minority Business of the Year Award from the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce, said that opportunities to buy a McDonald’s franchise can open up anywhere in the country and that he was fortunate to find his opportunities here. He owns McDonald’s in Caledonia, Gaines Township and two in Kentwood.

Wiseman reflected on his business being named Minority Business of the Year: “You know, there are a lot of great minority businesses here in Grand Rapids, as well as several other (minority) business owners. It means a lot. I guess I want to say I’m thankful. It’s exciting. More importantly, for the people that work for me and the people that work with me, it lets them know that what we do is appreciated by the community.”

He said it was important for minority-owned businesses to be recognized.

“A lot of times you’re not really in the mainstream. A lot of individuals know what you do and how important what you do is, or they know the minority businesses that are out there, in a lot of cases, how successful they are,” said Wiseman.

“I guess from the business standpoint, I don’t think it’s necessarily that important to know whether it’s owned by a minority or not, but when you do have a minority business that’s excelling, I think it’s important to be recognized, because it lets other individuals that want to get in business who are minorities know that it’s an opportunity for them to be successful, as well, in business.”

Success has come, Wiseman believes, from the people around him, but also from being goal oriented and focused, or, as Wiseman said “being dedicated to what I do.

“I’ve always had a vision of myself of what I wanted to be and what I wanted to do. The good thing about a vision, at least my vision, is, it always changes. It’s something that, when you reach a milestone, you say, ‘Okay, what else do I want to do?’ So I would say the hard work, dedication and the drive that I have to constantly improve myself.”

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