Setting straight Reagan's record

October 24, 2008
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Just a quick note concerning a "Street Talk" column in the Grand Rapids Business Journal about the city of Grand Rapids planting trees.  When people really do plant trees — not just talk about it — it is a very good thing.  What I believe was editorial comment without basis was your comment that the Reagan administration viewed the planting of  trees as  "a pollution causing activity.” 

As an avid conservationist, outdoors sportsman and political leader who was a strong believer in the American renewal of spirit that the Reagan administration brought, I don't believe what you wrote is something that Ronald Reagan believed in or practiced in his eight years as president.

Dick Posthumus
Grand Rapids

Good job at UM/ULI event


On behalf of all of the advisors and staff here at Grubb & Ellis|Paramount Commerce, we want to extend our sincere appreciation for the lead role you and the Business Journal took in putting together the UM/ULI Real Estate Forum and awards event in Grand Rapids recently. It was certainly an honor to our firm to have received the Sale and Lease of the Year awards, but we consider it an even greater victory to have the east side of the state be invited to share in the successes of the west side. We hope this collaboration works to create a mutually beneficial environment that benefits the entire state of Michigan.

Thank you so much for all the Business Journal has done for West Michigan. We look forward to assisting you in continuing to make West Michigan the great place it can and should be.

Duke Suwyn
Grand Rapids

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