ThinkWise forms partnership to enhance Myers-Briggs testing

November 7, 2009
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Opening in 1999 as a leadership, team and strategy consulting firm, Grand Rapids company ThinkWise underwent some changes and moved to a Web-based software platform.

Last year, the company launched ThinkBox, which includes a variety of learning tools broken up into short pieces — learning modules, quick videos, toolkits — as part of a full-talent management solution.

ThinkBox experienced quick success and caught the eye of CPP Inc., a personality, career and organizational development assessment company best known for the Myers-Briggs personality assessment.

“One of those things that we started getting requests for was various assessments. We started asking the questions, ‘Which assessments are the most ubiquitous, the most popular?’ and the first one that obviously comes to mind is the Myers-Briggs,” said Dan Smith, vice president of marketing and design for ThinkWise.

“We actually ran into the Myers-Briggs product and marketing manager at the International Coaching Federation Conference … last fall. A couple of our guys kept telling the Myers-Briggs guy, ‘You have to come over and look at what we’ve got; it’ll make sense.’ He eventually came over and said, ‘Why didn’t you tell me?’”

Myers-Briggs had been looking to either build or partner with a company to improve the use of the Myers-Briggs test. Many of those who take the test fail to apply what they’ve learned from the assessment, because there isn’t a readily available avenue for them to do so.

“Someone gets through a workshop using the Myers-Briggs; they find out their type, and then a few weeks later, it’s back to business as usual. They’ve forgotten their type or that of others on their team,” said Smith.

Within two months of meeting, ThinkWise and CPP had an agreement as strategic partners, and in four months they had created the Myers-Briggs ThinkBox, which was introduced at the American Society for Training and Development conference in June 2009.

“We made a splash with that,” said Smith. Already, the product has been awarded Human Resource Executive magazine’s Top E-Learning/Training Product of 2009.

Myers-Briggs ThinkBox is currently being sold through CPP’s sales channels and has brought ThinkWise to an international venue for the first time in its 10-year history.

According to the Myers-Briggs ThinkBox Web site, “ThinkBox provides busy employees with an on-demand, Web-based learning environment for continued informal learning within the context of their jobs.” It goes on to say that the Myers-Briggs ThinkBox will help learners get the most out of their training while employers will maximize their investment in the assessment.

“A lot of people, when they get done with a (Myers-Briggs) workshop, they’re asking, ‘OK, now what?’” said Smith. “We’ve provided a real simple solution and organized resources. If I’m doing self-development, I can quickly get access to those resources. I can organize them and make them actionable by creating a development plan.”

Those resources are in the same form as the traditional ThinkBox learning tools: videos, readings and more. When addressing team issues, ThinkBox offers a team performance tool that helps the team zero in on specific issues that may be holding the team back, then supplies materials for the team to address those issues.

“Software is never done,” he said. “Part of what we’re excited about is, we continue to innovate with CPP to make the tool even better — providing new features, new content — and that’s what’s exciting about it.”

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