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June 4, 2010
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Izzy+ has several new products ready for this year’s NeoCon. The furniture manufacturer’s biggest push is in “learning environments” — which are not necessarily limited to education.

“We have made a big emphasis at moving more and more toward higher education as well as learning environments,” said founder and CEO Chuck Saylor.

“I would actually say that one of our go-forward primary areas of interest is learning environments, not just tied to educational institutions but tied to work in general. It could be in a corporate setting; it could be in an institutional setting. More and more learning, work and sharing is being done in the nontraditional places inside the schools, as well as corporate environments.”

To fill these spaces, izzy+ has come out with the Z Series table by ABCO, part of the izzy+ family.

“The Z table is just one more approach for a flexible, well-designed table system that we can put inside corporate environments and training, as well as in the classroom environment — just one more small piece of that big puzzle,” said Saylor.

The new products called Penny and Truman both are part of the Harter brand, which is owned by izzy+. Penny is a lightweight but heavy-duty occasional table made to be moved around.

“It’s not just there to sit a vase on and look pretty,” he said. “It’s there to work hard with a laptop and iPad — whatever — for people to be able to engage and work and share information in collaborative settings.”

Truman lounge seating was created for shared spaces.

“It’s the next generation for us in a lounge environment. We’re continuing to work on the next generation after this one. It’s an area we see that has a lot of potential in the long term. So much work is being done outside the typical workstation in much more shared and interactive spaces.”

The biggest change for izzy+, however, isn’t its new products but its website.

“We’re introducing a whole new website at NeoCon that is going to play off storytelling,” said Saylor. “I think we’re at a point in time where how we connect with the marketplace has to be more personable and more engaging on a one-to-one level. It’s not that we’re talking to everybody — I think we have to be engaging with everybody. Engaging with everybody means a lot more than just trying to print a pretty piece of literature.”

To engage visitors, the new izzy+ website, which launches June 14, will be heavily based on storytelling.

“Storytelling is incredibly important because it hovers around our belief in collaboration and people,” he said. “What better way to engage with everybody than telling them a story — and, hopefully, it resonates with everyone.”

The website will include the story of izzy+ and all the brands that are a part of its family. It will also simplify the process of retrieving critical information.

“We’re trying to make it much more responsive and simple to use,” he said.

To help people engage with the new site at NeoCon, Saylor said that the showroom will have live screens showcasing the site and also will utilize iPads for customers to experience it.

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