Some Iowa eggs were distributed in Michigan

August 29, 2010
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The Michigan Department of Agriculture received confirmation that eggs from Iowa associated with the current nationwide recall have been distributed in Michigan. Eggs contaminated with salmonella were traced to two Iowa egg producers and recalls began Aug. 13 and were expanded Aug. 18 and 20.

"This is a fluid, changing process as the investigation is ongoing. Federal, state, and local investigators follow the chain of evidence to identify the various channels of distribution," said Don Koivisto, MDA director. “The best advice I can give is be an informed consumer — ask where eggs are purchased and always cook your eggs well. And, always, the best rule of thumb is: When in doubt, throw it out."

Although the Iowa egg producers did not directly sell recalled eggs to customers in Michigan, some of their customers were food distributors and wholesalers who then sold the eggs to Michigan locations.

Retailers, institutions and food service facilities, particularly those serving high-risk populations such as nursing homes, senior citizen nutrition programs, schools or hospitals, should contact their suppliers to verify that they have not received recalled product.

MDA is working with state and federal investigators to identify where the recalled eggs were distributed and will be conducting recall effectiveness checks to ensure that recalled eggs are being removed from the marketplace.

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