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January 4, 2011
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Peaches McCahill, owner and president of the McCahill Group, a corporate wellness company that manages the Bridgewater Fitness Center under director of health and wellness Andy Bix (pictured above), recently opened the first LIVESTRONG fitness facility in Michigan at the Bridgewater location.

McCahill's daughter Kaitlin said her mother is "fighting back" against the cancer that has "deeply affected our family and my mother." In April, Champlin McCahill, Peaches' 14-year-old son, was diagnosed with brain cancer. Her husband, Raymond, died of colon cancer three years ago.

The Bridgewater Fitness Facility reopened in November with the new LIVESTRONG equipment by Matrix. LIVESTRONG has partnered with Matrix Fitness Systems to create the equipment line and is taking the initiative to join the fight against cancer and to support a healthy lifestyle. Purchasing the collection ensures that $4 million will go to the LIVESTRONG foundation and the fight against cancer, Kaitlin McCahill said.

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