Hartzell now president at Alexander Marketing

March 28, 2011
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Alexander Marketing, a full-service marketing and public relations firm mostly in the business-to-business arena and located on Grand Rapids’ west side, has welcomed new leadership.

Lynne Hartzell has been promoted to president after two years as vice president of business development.

“I always loved the agency side of the business since I spent half my life overseeing agencies, so it was nice to go to the other side of the fence and serve the client,” said Hartzell, who previously worked in marketing and brand strategy at Owens Corning.

She said she appreciates Alexander Marketing’s ability to deal with clients’ need on technical issues. “They fill a real niche in the marketplace,” she said.

The presidential post is a new position for the 25-employee company, she said.

“We really wanted someone to focus on creating the ultimate customer experience, the account relationship part of it, and new business growth and where we need to evolve as an agency,” Hartzell said.

 She said one of the challenges in today’s marketing environment is keeping with technology.

“There is so much happening so fast in the digital world, and creating the technology platform to be able to handle that revolution,” Hartzell said.

For example, Alexander worked with a pool pump manufacturer that has always marketed to distributors to develop relationships directly with customers via social media, she said. That was done to develop a new market of existing customers at a time when the housing crisis was weighing on new housing — and new pool — starts, she said. The campaign involved kids videotaping their cannonball splashes.

Hartzell lives in Chicago and works out of an office for Alexander and sister financial services company S2 there, and comes to Grand Rapids three or four days  per week.

“I have been so impressed with Grand Rapids,” Hartzell said. “I call it a mini-Chicago.”

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