Nucraft introduces Flow tables Cavara casegoods

June 10, 2011
| By Pete Daly |
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An accommodation of technology and design, as reflected by Flow tables and Cavara casegoods, are two major themes of the Nucraft showroom at NeoCon this year.

Last year, the Comstock Park manufacturer of wood office furniture did well at NeoCon, winning a Best of NeoCon Gold award for its Fleet tables and a mobile monitor stand, and a silver for the Talis occasional tables.

This year, Nucraft will display its Flow conference table line, which the company describes as “the new benchmark for technology accommodation in an elegant form.”

According to Nucraft, the relative high cost of technology in the conference room and the pace at which technology is changing put pressure on furniture manufacturers to reduce the cost of their furniture, improve its long-term cost of ownership and accommodate the rapid changes in technology.

Flow tables have a “power island” in the center for power and data accessibility.

“When we add technology to furniture, it shouldn’t feel like we did, because, at the end of the day, it’s still furniture,” said Flow designer Joey Ruiter of Grand Rapids.

“Customers expect their furniture to be subordinate to their technology, yet to elegantly accommodate it even as it continuously changes. With Flow, long-term flexibility and design are never at odds,” said Bob Bockheim, president and CEO of Nucraft.

Ruiter is also the designer of Nucraft’s new Cavara casegoods system, which features a full line of reconfigurable components that serves a broad range of applications while holding down cost.

“For me, Cavara is all about floating and overlapping forms in space,” said Ruiter. “A thin profile, mixed with long cantilevered boxes, allows freestanding furniture to appear built-in.”

Layers of work surfaces and storage components separate primary and secondary work areas, while keeping active files and storage handy. Cavara has a slim grommet option that allows convenient access to power and data while cords and cables are routed away from work surfaces. Cavara provides simplified installation with a concealed overhead storage stanchion support, which alleviates the need to mount overheads on a load-bearing wall, and gives overheads a light, open-ended appearance.

Nucraft uses recycled materials in Cavara, allowing it to contribute toward the attainment of points in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. In addition, Cavara can be specified with materials made from rapidly renewable resources or wood content certified by the Forest Stewardship Council for its environmental attributes.

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