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October 20, 2012
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Editor: Every time you get in a vehicle, you are at risk of getting in an accident. Luckily, Michigan’s auto no-fault insurance system means you’re always protected and can get the care you need without having to fight through the court system.

Insurance companies are trying to put an end to this great system by pushing legislation that would strip injury benefits and impose government-mandated prices on health-care providers. If the legislation passed, many accident victims would be forced onto welfare to pay for the care they need and deserve.

Luckily, legislators like Rep. Thomas Hooker support accident survivors and have opposed such legislation. And even though HB4936 has stalled in the House, you can bet the insurance companies won’t give up easily.

Please join me in voting for Rep. Hooker this year and support his efforts to keep our no-fault system intact.

Dan Gowdy

Grand Rapids

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