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Lakeshore Holiday Inn thanks military families with weekend stays

December 11, 2012
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Lakeshore Holiday Inn thanks military families with weekend stays
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Through a partnership with USO of Illinois, the Holiday Inn Spring Lake will welcome six military families during the next year for a complimentary weekend stay.

The families are chosen by USO of Illinois and are able to choose from a list of available weekends for their visit. Each family receives up to five rooms at the hotel and can bring up to 19 additional people with them for the weekend. The family is provided with dinner and two breakfasts while they are at the hotel.

The first military family to be selected visited the hotel this fall and was provided with a personal concierge to help them during their stay, and staff threw a special birthday party for the couple’s son who was turning eight. The Grand Haven Coast Guard also gave the family a private tour during the weekend, and a few local businesses contributed small gifts.

“We wanted to welcome the military, put our arms around them and say thank you for their service,” said Angie Bournias, public relations representative for the hotel.

The visiting family isn’t the only one to benefit from the experience. Bournias said that hotel employees also enjoyed being a part of this special thank you.

“The first one was terrific. One of the reasons was because it gave our employees a special thing to do, and it made them part of this hospitality, compassion and welcome that’s all part of having a hotel and working in a hotel.

“Because we had such enthusiasm with our staff, the military family became our family, and we were part of the whole family reunion.”

The hotel is considering doing another military family reunion type of event in following the completion of the current program.

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