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VideoICAST web app zooms in on property listings

February 20, 2013
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VideoICAST web app zooms in on agents' listings
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A new web app could cut down the amount of work it takes West Michigan real estate professionals to create videos of properties for sale.

Brought to the real estate community by Brian Silvernail, director of Venture Real Estate Group and former southern Grand Rapids real estate agent, the VideoICAST web app helps Realtors automate the video-production process: import listings, upload smartphone video — optimized for search engines — to YouTube, share and review data, such as lead notifications and scheduling of in-person viewings.

Silvernail said the app was created by him and two others over the course of last year and funded by Ralph Lister, a commercial real estate agent, web developer and voice talent.

Currently, the app is free and for the web, Silvernail said, but sometime after it's launched to real estate agents in the region, a possible charge may occur, and his team could begin developing the app for mobile.

He said using the app will reduce the amount of time and dollars it takes to produce video, because agents don't need to be their own video editors or hire someone to do the work.

Silvernail said that while the current method of video production could take agents up to 20 hours of processing, 45 minutes of rendering and potentially cost thousands for equipment, software and editors, VideoICAST can cut down the time by 70 percent and is virtually free, getting "the cost of video production in line."

“By default, I figured out a way to automate the video process, so we shoot it once in the camera, and we avoid editing," he said. "We take each video and upload it individually.”

Silvernail hopes local agents explore the product's full capabilities — such as the media matrix, printable marketing brochure and ad placement — but worries the competitive nature of Realtors might keep them from using a tool built by someone else.

It’s a Catch-22, he said.

“Realtors are all very competitive," Silvernail said. "I have created this app that really needs to be used and adopted by a lot of people. But what happens sometimes, if you’re another Realtor, they don’t want to adopt what you use, because it’s yours, and they think everybody will think less of them — like using your system is admittance to their clients that you’re better than them. That’s not the situation.”

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