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Lance's Brewery Tour stops at New Holland Brewing

July 18, 2013
| By Pat Evans |
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Lance's Brewery Tour stops at New Holland Brewing
A glimpse at part of Lance Rice’s beer collection. Photo via

Editor's note: Lance Rice's visit, originally scheduled for July 19, is now scheduled for July 23, according to New Holland Brewing. 

West Michigan is a hotspot for beer tourism, but a special brewery tour will make a stop at New Holland Brewing Co. on Tuesday.

Lance’s Brewery Tour is crisscrossing its way across America, following a man with autism who wants to see the world of beer, a drink he loves.

Although Lance Rice was diagnosed with autism, he’s used a rare photographic memory for three decades to document and memorize brewing history. Now, with his cross-country trip, he’ll be able to show his passion to an audience.

“Lance’s life story is a rare triumph of hope, faith and overcoming incredible odds,” said Aaron Rice, president of Rare Brain Studios and Lance’s nephew. “We are so excited to share his heartwarming journey with the world and give back to the autism community.”

While at New Holland, Rice will brew beer with Steve Berthel, the head pub brewer. A portion of sales from the batch will go to Lance’s Brewery Tour.

The goal for Rice’s tour is for him to write a book about the history and culture of American beer, but the documentary chronicling the trip has been featured in Maxim and on Disney’s

“Lance’s Brewery Tour is the kind of project that reaffirms my love of beer,” New Holland President Brett VanderKamp said. “This industry has given me an outlet for my artistic aspirations and it’s awesome to hear Lance’s story and the impact on his creative expression. I have always believed it — beer can change lives.”

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