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Barfly Ventures spreads one-day sales among employees

November 11, 2013
| By Pat Evans |
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HopCat plants East Lansing bar
HopCat in downtown Grand Rapids has been ranked the third best beer bar in the world by BeerAdvocate. Photo via

Barfly Ventures is doing its best Monday to keep its employees happy.

Barfly will hold its second annual employee-appreciation day, when 100 percent of food sales will be evenly split among the kitchen staff and hosts at the parent company’s five restaurants: HopCat, HopCat East Lansing, Stella’s Lounge, McFadden’s Irish Saloon and Grand Rapids Brewing Company.

Last year, the day resulted in each employee taking home between $300-$400.

Today’s tips will still go to servers and bartenders.

The appreciation day originated after ArtPrize, when the kitchen staff and hosts worked extra hard and didn’t make extra in tips.

“To be frank, our kitchen staff and hosts worked their keisters off during ArtPrize and throughout the successful launch of HopCat East Lansing,” said Mark Sellers, owner of Barfly Ventures. “Their dedication to ensuring every customer has a great experience is the foundation of our business. This is just one small way we can honor their dedication and hard work.”

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