Grand Rapids reviews water and sewer rates

November 29, 2013
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Grand Rapids city commissioners will hold a public hearing Tuesday on the water and sewer rates for next year, and board members are expected to adopt the new rates Dec. 17.

The way things now stand, the overall charge for water will drop by 4.3 percent, but the collective price for sewer service will rise by nearly 2.5 percent.

The new water and sewer rates will go into effect Jan. 1.


The drop in water rates will mean the city’s water supply system will collect $1.7 million less next year than this year.

If commissioners approve that rate, it will be the second consecutive year the water charge has decreased and the third time in the last four years residential customers will pay less.

Of the city’s water customers, Grand Rapids residents will save a total of $965,560 on their water bills next year, according to city figures. East Grand Rapids residents will receive the largest percentage decrease in rates, at slightly more than 6 percent.

None of the 11 communities supplied water by the city will get a rate increase.


The increase in the sewer charge means the city’s sewage disposal system will gain about $1.8 million overall in revenue next year over the current charge.

Grand Rapids residents will see a 2.5-percent increase in sewage prices and will pay an additional $738,617 next year. East Grand Rapids residents will get a hike of 11 percent in sewer bills next year and will pay $67,271 more for the service.

The city supplies sewer services to 10 communities, with all getting increases of at least 2 percent.

Wholesale customers

Most water and sewer rates for the city’s wholesale users will fall in 2014.

The city of East Grand Rapids, Ottawa County and Ada and Gaines townships are wholesale customers.

Commissioners will hold the public hearing Tuesday after 7 p.m., in the board’s chambers on the 9th floor of City Hall, at 300 Monroe Ave. NW.

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