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Warehouse retailer maps next store

December 12, 2013
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Warehouse retailer maps next store
Costco was founded in 1976 and sells goods out of warehouses to members across the country. Photo via

A national warehouse retailer is planning to enter a new market in the region.


Costco has proposed site plans to the Oshtemo Township Planning Commission to develop a store and gas station, at the northwest corner of Stadium Drive and South Drake Road, said Oshtemo Township Planning Director Greg Milliken.

The store would be the first Costco in southwest Michigan, according to the Costco website.

The Costco store would serve as the anchor of a 39-acre development, and although other parcels are being planned, Costco is the only committed store, Milliken said.

Costco’s store would take up about 16 of the 39 acres, requiring about 149,000 square feet for the store and 724 parking spaces, Milliken said.

The developer’s desire is to finalize all the paperwork by next spring, break ground during the summer and open the store by next November.

“If it’s approved and moves forward, it has the potential to be transformative for the stadium drive corridor, both for the city of Kalamazoo through Oshtemo Township,” Milliken said. “You’re already seeing it through existing businesses moving in and adjacent developments having businesses move in.”


Costco’s proposal will be voted on at 7 p.m. tonight at the Oshtemo Township Planning Commission meeting.

If it receives a majority vote for yes, as Milliken expects it will, the plan will then go before the township Voting Board of Appeals on Dec. 17 for minor site plan adjustments.

“Everyone is generally pretty excited about this,” Milliken said. “This is the biggest event the Planning Commission has had to take a look at in a while.”

Infrastructure pull

Milliken credited Costco’s interest in the area, in part, to the recent work done by the Michigan Department of Transportation on improving the exchange between U.S. 131 and Stadium Drive. Representatives of Costco even mentioned it to the developers, he said.

“That makes the area a lot more attractive,” Milliken said. “Those improvements will and do make the area more attractive to businesses.”


The Planning Commission unanimously approved the Costco site plan at Thursday’s meeting, Milliken said.

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