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Start Garden invests in foam gun

December 19, 2013
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Start Garden invests in foam gun
The Foam Buddy foam gun can spray foam insulation at a rate of 2-6 pounds per minute. Photo via

Gary Hummerland raises his gun, his eyes narrowing on a target.

He squeezes the trigger. Everything explodes in white. His aim was true.

The target looks like it was just covered in a wall of whipped cream.

That’s the beauty of a foam gun.

Foam Buddy

Hummerland is the mind behind the foam gun Foam Buddy, which received a $5,000 investment from Grand Rapids-based Start Garden last week.

Armed with a patent-pending spray design that allows users to adjust for rations, a dual trigger and a light design built for smaller insulation and air-sealing jobs, Foam Buddy is being marketed as a “portable, refillable, low-pressure spray foam insulation system.”

The whole system weighs about 50 pounds and has spray rates of 2-6 pounds per minute.

“The Foam Buddy system utilizes stainless-steel containers — that can be re-filled easily by the operator and pressurized by a portable air compressor,” Hummerland writes on his Start Garden page. “Our patent-pending spray gun technology is designed to be easy to operate and maintain for continuous use. Lower pressure equals less off gassing.”

Hummerland plans to use the Start Garden funding to develop a brochure for marketing, upgrade the product’s website and attend a trade show.

Insulation market

After all, the foam business is, well, foaming.

“The U.S. insulation market is 6 billion dollars and expected to grow at 9 percent a year through 2020,” Hummerland writes. “Building code changes and the rising costs of energy are driving this growth. The Department of Energy plans to offer financial incentives to improve the energy efficiency of 128 million homes by 2030.”

In the video below, a demonstration of the foam gun begins at around the 30-second mark.

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