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Newmind Group names old friend CEO

January 13, 2014
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Newmind Group names old friend new CEO
Matthew Vollmar is CEO at Newmind Group. Courtesy Newmind Group

The founder of an IT firm is demonstrating his right to demote himself.

Daniel Jeffries, who founded Kalamazoo-based Newmind Group in 2003, recently announced he will be turning over the top spot at the firm to Matthew Vollmar, Newmind’s vice president.

Vollmar had previously spent five years as an account delivery manager for Hewlett Packard Enterprise Services before returning to Newmind.

“It is a humbling but pivotal moment when you realize that the skills and accomplishments of the team outweigh your own as a leader,” Vollmar writes on his Newmind page. “My goal is to cast the vision of where we want to go and harness the skills of each individual member of the team to bring that vision to fruition.”

Jeffries is not planning to leave the firm, but simply refocusing his efforts.

He said that Vollmar’s strengths are a “better fit” for the kind of company that Newmind is becoming.

“We now have over 1,000 customers across the United States that trust us with some part of their organization’s critical technology, and we are adding new people to our team quickly,” Jeffries said. “Matt has managed teams many times larger than Newmind is today and that experience is incredibly valuable as we grow.”

Jeffries plans to leave the running of the company to Vollmar, while he focuses on developing new products, technologies and research and development for Newmind.

“One of the reasons Newmind has grown over the years is because we have been ahead of the curve when it comes to the technology that our customers need," Jeffries said. "We start building our expertise in technologies like cloud messaging, cloud backup, Chromebooks and telepresence robotics two to three years before our customers are ready for them.

“I’m passionate about keeping Newmind customers ‘ahead,’ and I’m excited to have more time to focus on this passion.”

Newmind also is in hiring mode.

The firm is looking to hire a full-time technical associate and recently posted information about internships in tech and sales and marketing.

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