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Contractor names president

January 15, 2014
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Contractor names president
Roger Rehkopf. Courtesy Orion Construction

A local construction company has a new president today.

Grand Rapids-based Orion Construction said Tuesday that Roger Rehkopf is its president.

Rehkopf has served as senior vice president at Orion Construction since starting there in 2011. Rehkopf was also formerly a vice president at Grand Rapids-based Rockford Construction.

Rehkopf will now be responsible for directing Orion Construction's strategic growth and streamlining internal operations.

Under his leadership, the company has plans for aggressive growth.

“We are in a great position to take this company to the next level,” Rehkopf said.

Rehkopf added that “optimizing labor schedules and other operational logistics and a steady implementation of our strategic plan” will help the company grow — as well as allow Gary Postma and John Wheeler to focus on developing the firm’s real estate portfolio through its Orion Real Estate Solutions division or ORES.

Orion Construction co-founders, John Boonstra, CEO, and Gary Postma, CFO, said Rehkopf is the right person to lead the construction and development firm.

“Orion is far more advanced and active in the marketplace today than it was fifteen years ago,” Boonstra said. “Roger has had a significant positive impact on who we are today. He has done a great job on all fronts.”

“The partners here at Orion each bring something big to the table,” Postma said. “Roger’s appointment puts him in the most suitable position to bring value and efficiency to the company and to our projects.”

Rehkopf attended Ferris State University and has spent 30 years in the construction industry.

He has worked on a number of significant Grand Rapids projects, including the Grand Rapids Art Museum, the Grand Rapids Police Department and Blue Cross Blue Shield.  

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