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Restaurant serves soul food

February 6, 2014
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Restaurant serves soul downtown
Soul Food Café is in Grand Rapids’ Madison Square neighborhood. Courtesy LINC UP

A new restaurant is opening to help revitalize a neighborhood.

Grand Rapids’ Madison Square neighborhood will see a new restaurant open on Monday, thanks to the nonprofit LINC Community Revitalization.

Soul food

LINC Up Soul Food Café will open its doors at LINC’s Development Center, at 1167 Madison Ave. SE.

Local vendors will provide many of the products for the café’s dishes.

The café’s menu is being described by LINC as a “healthier ethnic fusion of traditional country staples with urban appeal.”

“LINC is always working towards the revitalization of our communities, and buying local is just another way that we can achieve that goal,” said Darel Ross, LINC co-executive director.

Hourly wage

As part of LINC’s “Buy Local, Hire Local” initiative, the café will be staffed with nine local residents.

“LINC is proud to support our community and neighborhoods by hiring local residents,” said Darel Ross, LINC co-executive director. “But what we are even more proud of is that the café will be paying these individuals above the industry standard, at more than $2 over the hourly rate, plus tips. This extra money will give these individuals the opportunity to invest in themselves and their communities.”

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