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Start Garden invests in video marketing

March 19, 2014
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Start Garden invests in video marketing
Members of the TernPro team film some of their urban sledding in Detroit. Photo via

A startup is giving people wearable cameras to help develop marketing videos at events.


Start Garden, the $15-million seed fund in Grand Rapids, invested $5,000 last month in the Detroit-based startup, TernPro.

TernPro will use the funds for camera packages and video editing to complete beta tests with activity-based organizations. 

Brian Bosche, founder of TernPro, said the startup is excited to join the Start Garden community, and the funds will help test theories on why and how organizations could use their services.

“We’re offering a way for these organizations to create much more affordable, unique videos by giving the production to their participants,” Bosche said.

Bosche said the startup provides all the mounts and accessories and then edits a “really cool” video for organizations to use in their content marketing, including their social media channels and website, “to show how cool their experiences are.”

TernPro provides a GoPro camera package to organizations for their customers to use, while participating in an activity or expedition, to capture professional-quality footage.

GoPro cameras are wearable, waterproof and record high-definition video.

Video vision

The vision behind the startup is to help people learn how to use new technology, create quality video and tell video-based stories in the “most impactful way possible,” Bosche said.

“Our biggest vision is to really create this community around amateur videography and digital creations,” Bosche said. “To help show stories from around the world, from all these amazing organizations.”

User-generated content

Traditional video production can cost between $5,000-$10,000, depending on quality, Bosche said.

He added that TernPro represents an alternative and affordable service for organizations, since it outsources content production to the participants.

Bosche said TernPro is also open to partnering with organizations to create videos of experiences that people can then purchase, such as their whitewater-rafting trip or helicopter tour.

“We’re a young startup, so we are open to many different types of organizations,” Bosche said. ‘It doesn’t just have to be for marketing videos.”

TernPro was also selected to join the Detroit winter program at Bizdom, a startup accelerator.

“We’re ready to accelerate and launch this company,” Bosche said.

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