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Lakeshore market ranks No. 1 in US for 'well-being' factors

March 26, 2014
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A lakeshore market leads the nation in several well-being categories measured by Gallup.

The Holland-Grand Haven market enjoys the best physical health and basic access to necessities, according to the sixth annual Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index released yesterday.

The Holland-Grand Haven market also ranks first for feeling safe walking at night, according to the USA Today.


The report is based on a survey by Gallup, a national research-based consulting firm, and Healthways, a well-being-improvement company.

The companies surveyed a random sample of adults 18 or older living in U.S. metropolitan areas, including the District of Columbia.

The index is designed to measure the American population’s perception of their well-being, by capturing a nuanced picture across factors impacting daily lives.

Holland-Grand Haven

Holland-Grand Haven is the only market with a top ranking in more than one sub-category: the market has a score of 80.9 for physical health and a score of 89.7 for access to basic necessities.

The scores reflect residents' perception of the well-being categories.

The physical health sub-category encompasses body mass index, disease burden, sick days, physical pain, daily energy, history of disease and daily health experiences.

The basic access sub-category measures 13 elements, such as availability to food, shelter and health care.

The two sub-categories are combined with four other measures for a score for overall well-being: life evaluation, emotional health, work environment and health behaviors.

In the overall well-being breakdown, Holland-Grand Haven also scores near the top with a score of 69.1.


The top ranked mid-size market for overall well-being is Provo-Orem, Utah with a score of 71.4.

The top large market is San-Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, Calif. with a score of 70.6.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids has an overall well-being score of 66.5, placing it in the middle of the pack.

The Gallup-Healthways report highlights several well-being measures in the Grand Rapids market: 26.7 percent obesity, 50.5 percent exercise frequently, 58.5 percent eat produce on a regular basis, 23.8 percent smoke, 58.2 percent report daily stress and 13.9 percent uninsured.

Ann Arbor

For the life evaluation sub-category, Ann Arbor ranks first in the nation with a score of 61.7.

The market also ranks in the top 10 mid-size markets for the overall well-being with a score of 70.4.

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