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Grand Rapids enforces bike-lane ordinance

October 10, 2014
| By Pete Daly |
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Downtown getting $41K worth of bicycle parking equipment
Bike racks are part of the Grand Rapids DDA's bike-related funding in the city. Image via

The Grand Rapids Mayor’s Office announced this morning that starting Nov. 1, the city will begin enforcing an ordinance passed recently prohibiting vehicles from parking in a designated bike lane, or partially blocking a bike lane and forcing a bicyclist into a vehicle travel lane.

The announcement states that the ordinance amendment recognizes cycling as a supported mode of transportation in the city and allows the ticketing of vehicles that are impeding bicyclists as legal road users.

Prior to the start of enforcement, Grand Rapids police and Parking Services will put an educational sticker on vehicles parking in bike lanes, explaining the change. Volunteers, mostly cyclists, also received stickers to place on cars they find in bike lanes.

The sticker was a collaborative effort between the city and Spoke Folks, a nonprofit bicycle cooperative.

“Cyclists are the ones out there encountering vehicles parked in bike lanes on a regular basis, so it is great to get their assistance in educating the public,” said Suzanne Schulz, director of the city’s Design, Development and Community Engagement department.

The City Commission has also appointed a committee to work with a consultant to develop a bicycle safety education program. It will also include additional recommended ordinance amendments to better accommodate bicycle use in the city.

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