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ArtPrize creates ArtPrize Dallas

November 21, 2014
| By Pat Evans |
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ArtPrize creates ArtPrize Dallas
The Cancer Survivors Plaza in downtown Dallas features public art. Photo via

ArtPrize is headed to Texas.

ArtPrize said yesterday that "a new Dallas-based nonprofit" has entered into a three-year deal with ArtPrize to host ArtPrize Dallas, a 19-day event in April 2016.

The event will be exclusive to the southwest region, including Colorado and Utah.

About $500,000 will be awarded to artists during the first year.

“ArtPrize Dallas will create a lasting impact on the culture of Dallas by engaging and nurturing future artists and promoting a meaningful discussion of art and its role in society," Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings said. "Utilizing the same public-private partnership structure that has allowed our city to become a world-class art destination, ArtPrize Dallas will highlight the creativity and innovative spirit that is such a major part of our city today.”

“Thrilling” possibilities

The partnership will bring various parts of Grand Rapids’ signature event, started in 2009, to Dallas: technology-based engagement tools, including venue and artist registration and connection processes, voter activation and management and the mobile app, along with other infrastructure.

ArtPrize will also train and support the ArtPrize Dallas team.

“ArtPrize Dallas is a natural next chapter in the ArtPrize story,” said Rick DeVos, founder and board chairman, ArtPrize. “It will create a dynamic pathway between our cities of new artistic, cultural, social, professional and economic opportunities for artists and spectators. The possibilities are thrilling.”

Executive director

Ariel Saldivar will take the role as ArtPrize Dallas executive director.

Saldivar spent several months working with ArtPrize in Grand Rapids and the Dallas "arts, culture, corporate and philanthropic communities" to establish ArtPrize Dallas.

Prior to the ArtPrize project, Saldivar was associate director of the Dallas-based Goss-Michael Foundation.

“ArtPrize Dallas will change the way people think about and approach art in Dallas, because it will truly be an open, inclusive and welcoming event for everyone,” Saldivar said. “ArtPrize Dallas will support and celebrate artists through prizes, grants, career-building opportunities, sales opportunities, broad exposure and seed grants, with a special focus on Dallas artists.”

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