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GRAM exhibits ArtPrize 'Encore'

November 27, 2014
| By Pat Evans |
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ArtPrize names winners
The ArtPrize 2014 entry “Intersections,” by Anila Quayyum Agha, in the Grand Rapids Art Museum. Photo via

The Grand Rapids Art Museum is bringing some of the “strongest” pieces from ArtPrize back to the city.

“ArtPrize 2014: Encore” will take works from 11 artists featured at seven venues across Grand Rapids during this fall’s edition of ArtPrize and rotate them through the museum’s collection.

The exhibit will run from Saturday until ArtPrize 2015 finishes on Oct. 12, 2014.

“ArtPrize ‘Encore’ gives GRAM an opportunity to showcase our favorite works from ArtPrize — both from our exhibition, (Dis)comfort Zones, as well as from other venues,” said Ron Platt, chief curator, GRAM. “I have found that artists re-visit many familiar themes throughout the ages. ArtPrize ‘Encore’ presents a fun and enlightening opportunity for the viewer to draw connections between the works of contemporary artists with works from other times and cultures.”

To curate the exhibit, GRAM’s team explored the city during ArtPrize to find pieces that fit within the museum’s permanent collection.

The selected pieces run the gamut of entries, including photography, installations, print, film, drawing and sculpture.

The pieces will be designated in the museum by an ArtPrize “Encore” logo and introductory text.

“Co-programming with partner organizations is an essential creative element of ArtPrize,” said Christian Gaines, executive director, ArtPrize. “By curating some of the strongest ArtPrize 2014 entries from around the ArtPrize district, the museum has extended the conversation within our community beyond the 19-day event and throughout the year.”

GRAM “ArtPrize 2014: Encore”

“Intersections” by Anila Quayyum Agha

“The Distance Between Us” by Christopher Capozziello

“Feather Child 3” by Lucy Glendinning

“Gusts (and lack thereof)” by Leslie Grossman

“I Am Not Who You Think I Am/Yo no soy quien crees que soy” by Salvador Jimenez-Flores

“4 Circles and Diamonds” by Zach Mory

“Based on Things That Happened (Somewhere We’ve Never Been)” by Shannon Mossing

“Soldier” by Suzanne Option

“Sandscape” by Tanya Ragir

“Despite Similarities to Reality, This is a Work of Fiction” by Ryan Spencer Reed

“Twin Star Event” by Lora Robertson

“MAREA02 from the Marea Series” by Patricia Villalobos Echeverria 

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