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Chiropractor provides ‘Maximized Living’ care

Anyone can sign up but only Michigan residents get personal consultant.

February 13, 2015
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Focused on holistic wellness, Woodland Family Chiropractic is bringing a Florida-based organization’s alternative health care delivery method to West Michigan.

Woodland Family Chiropractic, a “Maximized Living Health Center,” opened its doors in May 2014 at 3682 29th St. SE, Kentwood, to provide an alternative approach to health and fitness care to the greater Grand Rapids area community.

As a Maximized Living clinic, Woodland provides individualized health plans for patients by focusing on the root of the patient’s problem and then encouraging lifestyle changes to improve overall health. The approach incorporates spinal corrections, nutritional recommendations, exercise programs and minimizing toxins.

Dr. Bobby Belmonte, licensed chiropractor and Maximized Living doctor, said the first step in treating the underlying problem may call for chiropractic spinal adjustments, but then each plan is customized based on the patient’s needs.

“If those muscles and ligaments that support the spine and are currently holding it in its bad position also need work, that is where we do work with those soft tissues,” said Belmonte.

“Initially, there may be more work done in regard to correction, but once you get corrected and are stabilized, maintenance is much different.”

The initial $35 consult includes orthopedic evaluation, posture analysis, range of motion, palpation, a computerized nerve test and an overview of the patient’s medical history. Digital X-rays can be taken the same day, if necessary, and do not cost more than $100 for a basic series, according to Belmonte.

Although the overall cost for services depends on the type of adjustments and rehabilitation needed, and there is a set fee schedule at the network level, Belmonte said patients do have options, and services determined medically necessary are often covered by insurance.

“Insurance companies are recognizing the type of work we are doing and they are helping for certain portions of the care,” he said. “We do receive both in- and out-of-network benefits from most insurance companies. We are in-network with BCBS, Aetna and Medicare.”

Belmonte opened the roughly 1,800-square-foot center after renovating and designing the facility to care for approximately 500 patients each week. Although Woodland Family Chiropractic currently doesn’t have partnerships with health system providers in the area, Belmonte said it is something they are working on and he is also reaching out to collaborate with athletic organizations.

“I also sit on the board of sports performance doctors, who are certified to take care of professional teams. Being an athlete myself, it was obviously something I was very interested in,” said Belmonte. “We are currently in conversations with (Grand Rapids Football Club) — the semi-professional soccer team, and we are also in conversations with a lot of the local (mixed martial arts) fighters.”

Affiliated with the Maximized Living network headquartered in Florida, Belmonte said there are various partnerships at the corporate level that allow the clinic to provide care to local teams that might not be able to afford it, and to do fundraising to support local nonprofit organizations such as Mel Trotter Ministries and Kids’ Food Basket.

A West Michigan native, Belmonte attended Michigan State University where he followed a pre-med course, before attending Saginaw Valley State University and earning a bachelor’s degree in exercise science and kinesiology. Belmonte also attended Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa, and completed the Maximized Living Doctor preparatory program.

“I’m not necessarily so concerned with your bones; I’m concerned with your brain’s ability to communicate effectively to your body through the spinal cord and nerves,” said Belmonte.

“Most of us base our health on how we feel, so as long as we look good and feel good, then we assume we must be good.

“I am passionate about giving people the opportunity to understand that your body does have the ability to heal.”

Maximized Living was founded on a holistic wellness approach to health in 1998 by chiropractors Ben Lerner and Greg Loman. The organization provides workshops, franchise opportunities and group programs such as corporate wellness.

Maximized Living has two health centers in the Grand Rapids area, including Woodland Family Chiropractic and Rivertown Family Chiropractic.

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