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Spirits maker crafts Dutch cocktail for Tulip Time

February 13, 2015
| By Pat Evans |
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Spirits maker crafts Dutch cocktail for Tulip Time
The Copper Tulip cocktail by Coppercraft Distillery features the Dutch spirit genever. Photo via

A lakeshore craft spirits maker has gone back to its hometown roots to develop a cocktail for the Tulip Time Festival.

Coppercraft Distillery in Holland revealed its Copper Tulip last week as the official Tulip Time Festival cocktail. It was revealed at the First Bloom Poster Release Party.

The cocktail

The Copper Tulip features genever, a traditional Dutch spirit with juniper.

The spirit is similar to gin. However, it also features more grain/malt flavors, as well as more botanical notes than “juniper-forward gins.”

"I was able to taste our genever last weekend and spent all day refining the Copper Tulip cocktail," said Jenney Grant, general manager, Coppercraft Distillery. "I am really excited to share this spirit and cocktail with our community."

Making genever

Coppercraft went all in to make the cocktail and its featured spirit.

The distillery selected a Holland-grown white winter wheat.

The grain was then milled at the De Zwaan Windmill on Windmill Island Gardens in Holland.


The genever is available at the distillery in Holland.

The Copper Tulip will be served throughout Holland during the 86th-annual Tulip Time Festival, beginning May 2.

Walter Catton, owner and distiller at Coppercraft Distillery, said the business is “excited and honored” to partner with Windmill Island and Tulip Time to share the drink with Holland-area restaurants during the festival.

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