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Appliance maker expands craft coffee line

June 26, 2015
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Appliance maker expands craft coffee line
The KitchenAid ProLine Series Espresso Maker is part of the brand's Craft Coffee line. Courtesy KitchenAid

An appliance maker is rolling out a trio of products to help coffee lovers “bring the coffee house experience into the home.”

KitchenAid, a brand of Benton Harbor-based Whirlpool, said this spring that it will introduce its Siphon Coffee Brewer, Precision Press Coffee Maker and Burr Grinder to its Craft Coffee line throughout the summer.

The brand said the three new products are “inspired by the careful technique and precision of baristas” and will allow consumers to bring into their kitchens "a range of barista techniques that deliver nuanced flavors, aromas and expert consistency of a high-end craft coffee house.”

“Our product designers spent the past few years extracting lessons from some of the most time-tested and barista-approved brewing methods for craft coffee,” said Brandon Mock, a product designer on the KitchenAid Craft Coffee team.

The Craft Coffee team was tasked with making it “easy for people to drink a better cup of coffee in the comfort of their homes.”

The line is designed to take "the manual aspects out of craft coffee,” said John McConnell, product design manager, KitchenAid.

Mock added that the KitchenAid's approach is to "take classic, proven coffee-brewing methods and remove some of the uncertainty, so that coffee lovers can make a barista-quality cup at home."

"We’re automating some of the processes that normally leave room for human error,” Mock said.

Craft Coffee additions

The Siphon Coffee Brewer “re-imagines the theater of classic vacuum-pot brewers with modern engineering, simple setup and fewer parts.”

It combines the "richness" of total-immersion brewing methods with the "clean flavor profile" of filter-brewed coffee, without the need for a disposable filter.

The Precision Press is made to enhance the classic French-press method of brewing with "clever features to conveniently brew a rich cup of French-press coffee.”

The integrated timer and weight scale are designed to make it "easy" to measure coffee within the carafe and "realize the perfect brew time, producing earthy, rich and flavorful coffee."

The Burr Grinder will offer precision grinding that provides "the first step in creating a consistent cup of rich craft coffee.”

Earlier products

The new products complement two of KitchenAid’s previously released coffee items, the Pour Over Coffee Brewer and the Pro Line Series Espresso Maker, which are available.

Availability and prices

The Siphon Coffee Brewer will be available in June at a suggested retail price of $249.99.

The Burr Grinder will be available in July at a suggested retail price of $299.99.

The Precision Press Coffee Maker will be available in September at a suggested retail price of $149.99.

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