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Vehicle supplier moves out-of-state production home

August 7, 2015
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Hadley Grandville
Hadley in Grandville makes components and systems for the commercial vehicle industry. Courtesy Hadley

A supplier to the commercial vehicle industry is moving its interior manufacturing operations from Indiana to its headquarters in the area.

Hadley said this week that production of its interior components and interior systems for transit and rail passenger vehicles will move from Elkhart, Ind. to its 110,000-square-foot plant in Grandville, at 2851 Prairie St. SW.

The move will include multple product lines: luggage/parcel racks; interior lighting; service sets for reading lights; airflow control; and digital signage systems, which use monitors integrated in transit vehicle interiors to provide customized geo-localized information.

None of the product lines were previously produced in Grandville.

Hadley said an interior sales and engineering office will remain in Elkhart, close to customers and suppliers in the area.

The transition to Grandville will take place over a three-month period, and the company said there will not be any disruption in product delivery during the transfer.

Benefits of consolidation

The move allows Hadley to exit its leased facility in Elkhart and better use its remaining floor space.

“The move to Michigan was based on the consideration that Hadley’s existing facility in Grandville will benefit from the additional volume,” said Thomas Bronz, president, Hadley.

“The consolidation brings operations close to support staff, increasing the focus and enhancing our utilization of resources, such as inside sales, human resources, supply chain management, manufacturing engineering and shipping.

“The business climate, workforce and supply base in West Michigan is a key to our long-term plans.”

The company also operates a facility in Moordrecht, Netherlands, according to its website.

Adding workers

Hadley expects to add five to seven production employees initially and expects to have a total of 15 to 20 new employees by 2017.

None of the Elkhart production employees are transferring to Grandville.

Most production employees from Elkhart are expected to transfer to Safe Fleet, a maker of vehicle safety products, as part of Hadley's sale of its transit mirror product line to the company earlier this summer.

Commercial vehicles

Hadley makes components and systems for multiple vehicle markets: the Class 5-8 truck and tractor; trailer; transit and shuttle bus; RV; motor coach; rail; specialty vehicles; and the aftermarket. 

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