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Packaging supplier improves color quality 200 percent

November 27, 2015
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Asda packaging
Asda, a Walmart subsidiary, is a chain of more than 560 supermarkets in the U.K. Courtesy X-Rite

A packaging supplier has “really improved” its relationship with a Walmart subsidiary after implementing a suite of color-management products.

Grand Rapids-based X-Rite said last month that U.K.-based Ultimate Packaging has used color-management products by X-Rite and its subsidiary Pantone to better deliver quality, flexible packaging for fresh and chilled foods by its client Asda.

Supplier standardization pilot

Asda wanted to improve its color accuracy in manufacturing across packaging materials and suppliers to improve operational efficiencies.

Asda standardized on a single platform for its suppliers, using the cloud-based color service PantoneLIVE and X-Rite ColorCert, color-workflow software for supply chain management.

Asda invited Ultimate Packaging to participate in its pilot program.

Color matching

After implementing PantoneLIVE and X-Rite ColorCert and using the color specifications from Asda in PantoneLIVE, Ultimate Packaging was able to quickly measure color accuracy in its printing, analyze the data and share it with Asda.

With the information, Ultimate Packaging was able to identify where color can go wrong in its process and make corrections in each step from ICC profiles, ink formulation and proofs.

Using the X-Rite products has resulted in increased performance visibility across the supply chain and strengthened the relationship between Ultimate Packaging and Asda.

Ultimate Packaging’s relationship with Asda “was always good,” but it has “really improved” since it implemented the pair of products, said Vincent Whatley, X-Rite coordinator, Ultimate Packaging.

Printing confidence

Ultimate Packaging has increased its X-Rite ColorCert score by 200 percent as a result of the change.

X-Rite said the improved score provides Ultimate Packaging the confidence to accurately print to color numbers.

X-Rite said Ultimate Packaging “felt good” about the quality of its printing, but with extra data and statistical process control enabled by its ColorCert score, the company was able to generate a significant improvement over already good color. 

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