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Health system expands heart and vascular practice

February 3, 2016
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Ali Saab
Ali Saab. Courtesy Metro Health

A health care system has expanded a heart and vascular practice in the area due to increased patient demand.

Metro Health said last month that it has expanded its “award-winning” heart and vascular practice in Allegan.

The system-wide Metro Heart & Vascular practice, which operates multiple locations in the region, began seeing patients at Allegan General Hospital in 2013.

Last month, the health system said the Allegan practice expanded to a larger office.

The Allegan practice has also expanded its services and is now seeing patients eight days a month, compared with two days a month previously.

Interventional cardiologist Dr. Fadi Saab and cardiologist Dr. Ali Saab will staff the office.

Ali Saab recently joined Metro Heart & Vascular.

He’s board certified in internal medicine, cardiology, echocardiography and cardiac computed tomography.

He has a special interest in diagnostic testing and interpretation.

Mike Faas, president and CEO of Metro Health, said a growing number of the practice’s patients call Allegan home, so it “makes sense” to “expand our reach and offer more convenient access to much-needed treatments.”

Both doctors will provide cardiology and vascular consultations.

They will see patients struggling with vascular disease, such as peripheral arterial disease, or PAD.

PAD is a common circulatory problem where narrowed arteries block blood flow to arms and legs, causing numbness, leg pain, tissue damage and leading to amputation.

Faas said heart disease is the number-one killer of men and women across the country.

Metro Health Hospital has developed a nationally recognized specialty in the treatment of PAD and amputation prevention.

Led by Dr. Jihad Mustapha, Metro Heart & Vascular physicians use modern technology to clear blockages and restore circulation.

Metro Health said the practice regularly attracts patients from across Michigan, the U.S. and the world.

PAD can be a devastating diagnosis for patients, according to the system.

Patients at high risk include those who are obese, have diabetes, heart disease or another circulatory issue. Smokers are also at a higher risk, as are African-Americans and Native Americans.

Faas said Metro Heart & Vascular provides “a comprehensive and coordinated approach to the treatment of cardiovascular disease, working with patients, their primary care physician, other specialists and family members to prevent amputations — and save lives.”

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