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Brewery re-designs packaging

February 18, 2016
| By Pat Evans |
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New Holland Brewing Co. Dragon's Milk packaging
New Holland Brewing Co. is rolling out new packaging for its beer portfolio, including Dragon's Milk. Courtesy New Holland Brewing Co.

An established brewery in the region is changing up its brand.

New Holland Brewing Co. announced a major brand overhaul yesterday, with a portfolio-wide packaging re-design set to hit shelves next month.

The design will stay true to New Holland’s brand, but increase the packaging’s presence and readability.

A trip to Denver’s Great American Beer Fest in September made New Holland VP of Marketing Joel Petersen realize the brand’s orange tent stood out among thousands of others and needed to be incorporated into the packaging.

“Craft beer is growing,” Petersen said. “We are growing. With nearly 20 years in the industry, to stand out on the shelf and reinforce our brand is paramount. We’ve incorporated many key elements in the new design that should help us achieve this goal and create a New Holland beacon.”

Updates in packaging include orange caps, re-designed labels, carriers and boxes with reduced text. The New Holland Brewing name and orange are more prominent as well, to help create a billboard effect in stores.

The new packaging will be debuted as it makes sense, to reduce wasting current packaging. The first brands to be re-launched are White Hatter and Dragon’s Milk.

The release also hints at new spirits packaging in April.

“We worked with internal and external design partners, along with our wholesalers, to bring this new packaging to life,” Petersen said. “We cannot wait to hear what New Holland consumers have to say about the look. It’s been a labor of love that we are excited to see on shelf.”

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