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Appliance brand rolls out dishwasher with a view

February 19, 2016
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Whirlpool KitchenAid 44-decibel dishwasher with window and lighted interior
A partial shot of the front of the KitchenAid 44-decibel dishwasher with a window and lighted interior. Courtesy KitchenAid

An appliance brand in the region is introducing a new dishwasher design that provides an illuminated view into the machine.

The ENERGY STAR-qualified dishwasher by Benton Harbor-based KitchenAid, a Whirlpool brand, features a tinted exterior window and a lighted interior that illuminates upon completion of the washing cycle, as well as other “innovative design elements.”

Beth Robinson, senior manager of brand experience for KitchenAid, said the integration of the window and lighted interior makes for a “dramatic design statement” and provides the assurance of seeing that dishes are “sparkling” prior to removal.

She said the dishwasher also maintains a “quiet home environment,” due to a built-in sound insulation system that includes sound-dampening components. It also provides the “versatility” to clean everything from glassware and utensils to deep dishes and large serving platters.

The dishwasher’s enhanced performance features include a dynamic wash arm, comprised of nine wash arms in one, for better soaking and scrubbing of dishes, and complete water coverage throughout the dishwasher.

All dishwashers in the collection feature a simple one-touch ProWash Cycle that automatically selects the best cleaning setting based on soil levels.

Interior features of the dishwasher model include a new bottle-wash feature that provides a high powered, concentrated spray wash for items such as bottles, vases and deep and odd-shaped dishes.

Adjustable shelving on both sides of the upper rack feature indents for securing stemware and can be folded down to provide extra space for cups, wine glasses and longer items like utensils and spatulas.

The lower rack features sliding tines that can be adjusted from left to right to accommodate large, deep dishes with a wide setting or smaller items with a narrow setting.

The dishwasher also offers Precision Touch Controls and Satin Textured Handles inspired by professional-grade kitchen appliances with a no-slip grip.

The new models with a window are available in stainless steel, with suggested retail price of $2,049.  

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