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Grand Rapids ranks among 'best' markets for women-owned businesses

February 22, 2016
| By Pat Evans |
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The federal government has backed nearly 34,000 small business loans in Michigan over the past 25 years. ©

The Grand Rapids-Wyoming market is one of the “best” in the nation for female entrepreneurs.

The market ranks No. 16 in a ranking of the “Best & Worst Cities for Women-Owned Businesses” by WalletHub.

The analysts compared the top 100 metropolitan statistical areas, or MSAs, in 10 metric areas.

The study's methodology is included in the ranking.

Grand Rapids market

The Grand Rapids area has an overall score of 61.22, while the top overall score is 70.04 for Nashville, Tennessee.

Grand Rapids ranks No. 11 for Overall New-Business Friendliness.

Grand Rapids ranks in the middle of the pack for Female Entrepreneurship, ranking at No. 41, and ranks low for Business Climate for Women, ranking No. 76.

Detroit ranks No. 46 overall, scoring a 54.22.

Top 10

1.   Nashville, Tennessee
2.   Chattanooga, Tennessee-Georgia
3.   Columbus, Ohio
4.   Memphis, Tennessee-Mississippi-Arkansas
5.   Milwaukee, Wisconsin
6.   Rochester, New York
7.   Kansas City, Missouri-Kansas
8.   Spokane, Washington
9.   Greensboro, North Carolina
10. Honolulu, Hawaii

Bottom 10

1.   San Jose, California
2.   Oxnard, California
3.   Greenville, South Carolina
4.   Columbia, South Carolina
5.   Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
6.   North Port, Florida
7.   Provo, Utah
8.   Scranton, Pennsylvania
9.   San Diego, California
10. Portland Oregon 

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