Waste hauler doubles fleet of fuel-efficient trucks

March 10, 2016
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Arrowaste automated garbage truck
Arrowaste's automated trucks improve fuel and route efficiencies. Courtesy Arrowaste 

A local waste and recycling hauler is doubling the size of its fleet of green vehicles.

Grand Rapids-based Arrowaste, which previously had five fuel-efficient trucks in its 45-vehicle fleet, said last month that it added a new fully automated Autocar truck and has four additional fuel-efficient trucks on order that it expects to be in operation by the end of the year: two rear-load vehicles and two front-load vehicles.

To be considered fuel efficient, trucks made after 2010 must meet U.S. Environmental Protection Agency emissions standards, according to Arrowaste.

Russell Boersma, Arrowaste general manager, said the company is constantly trying to update its fleet with new technology and vehicles to make sure it can serve its customers for the long-term.

That includes a plan to boost its commitment to green practices.

"Not every residential and commercial garbage pickup service is putting a high priority on going green, and we think this is what makes Arrowaste different from the competition," Boersma said.

Arrowaste said its new fully automated truck exceeds the 2010 EPA emissions standards required for all road trucks, and is certified as a clean-idle vehicle.

The automated vehicle is part of Arrowaste’s residential business and will increase route efficiency by decreasing the time needed at each stop, due to an automated robotic claw that lifts and empties waste containers into the truck.

“The new truck will increase efficiency and also decrease our route hours, because it can pick up more stops at a rapid rate,” Boersma said.

Arrowaste serves the residential, commercial and industrial markets.

Boersma said residential service makes up about 25 percent of the company’s business, while commercial makes up 50 percent and industrial makes up the other 25 percent.

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