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Metal parts maker invests $18M in plant

March 17, 2016
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Bonnell Aluminum
Bonnell Aluminum makes extruded aluminum parts for various industries. Photo via

A Georgia-based metal parts maker is expanding production at its plant in the region.

Bonnell Aluminum said last month that it’s investing about $18 million over the next year to fund the project at its AACOA facility in Niles, at 2005 Mayflower Rd.

The expansion will include the purchase of a modern extrusion line and start up is planned for the second quarter of 2017.

The project will bring an undetermined number of jobs to the Niles facility to run the new press.

“It makes sense to increase the capacity in Niles based on demand from our customers,” said Ira Endres, VP of sales and marketing, Bonnell.

AACOA primarily serves the consumer durables, automotive and machinery and equipment markets.

The new line will include a 3,600-ton extrusion press, which houses a 9-inch container, handling systems and ancillary equipment. Its capacity is estimated at about 16-million pounds.

The project will also expand the floor space of the 157,000-square-foot facility to accommodate more capacity.

The project’s capital was approved through Tredegar Corporation, Bonnell’s parent company.

No contractor has been chosen yet for the project.  

In 2012, Newman, Georgia-based Bonnell, founded in 1955, purchased AACOA, expanding its reach into Niles and Elkhart, Indiana.

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