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County shuts down downtown restaurant

April 25, 2016
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XO Asian Cuisine food storage
A shot of some of the "improper food storage" observed during Kent County Health Department's April 21 inspection of XO Asian Cuisine in downtown Grand Rapids. Courtesy Kent County

A downtown restaurant has been shuttered for at least one week due to a number of health code violations.

The Kent County Health Department said that an inspection held on April 21 at XO Asian Cuisine in Grand Rapids, at 58 Monroe Center Ave. NW, found about 30 violations of Michigan Food Law, resulting in the closure of the restaurant for a minimum of seven days.

XO will remain closed until an inspection reveals zero violations, and the restaurant will have to pay $6,000 in fines due to “chronic” issues of non-compliance.

The earliest XO may re-open is April 28.

XO couldn't be reached for comment this morning.

Some of the violations

The health department report on the April 21 inspection says XO was found to have stored food underneath a hand sink and towel dispenser, as well as underneath sewer lines and a leaking ceiling in the basement, re-using single-use gloves and improperly storing cooked foods at temperatures significantly warmer than 41 degrees Fahrenheit.

The report also details the discovery of “large amounts of rodent droppings” located under dry storage racks.

XO Asian Cuisine was also unable to provide documentation proving "the destruction of parasites for salmon that was being served raw."

Recent timeline

On March 10, the owners of XO signed into a "Consent Stipulation" with the county. The restaurant agreed to fix a lengthy list of violations within 30 days to avoid closure. Because a number of the violations were repeat offenses that had not been satisfactorily addressed, the health department stepped up its enforcement.

On April 21, a follow-up inspection was held at the restaurant, revealing about 30 separate violations of Michigan Food Law. The restaurant was ordered to close in adherence with the previously signed agreement.

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