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Coffee company partners with national brewery

April 26, 2016
| By Pat Evans |
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Rowster Coffee staff tasting coffee beans
Employees at Grand Rapids-based Rowster Coffee come together for a tasting. Photo via

A local coffee roaster will be featured in a national brewery’s imperial stout.

Rowster Coffee in Grand Rapids had its Milky Way coffee selected to be part of the Son of a Baptist Coffee Stout series from Salt Lake City-based Epic Brewing Co.

Rowster has worked with several West Michigan breweries in the past.

Epic Brewing Co. has partnered with 10 coffee roasters across the country for its 8-percent ABV imperial stout.

The beers are part of the brewery’s Exponential Series, and each version of the stout will taste different by highlighting the 10 coffees used.

Each bottle of the small-batch experimental series will be numbered and stamped and released in the coffee roasters’ home markets.

Epic Brewing said Rowster’s Milky Way adds dry cherry and cinnamon toast tasting notes to the beer.

“Son of a Baptist was built from the ground up to showcase coffee,” said Kevin Crompton, brewmaster, Epic Brewing Co. “Initially, we were looking for coffees similar to those we’ve used in Big Bad Baptist, but the recent trend toward lighter-roasted beans, with wonderful berry and tobacco notes, inspired us to seek out artisanal coffee roasters.”

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