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Brewery releases maple beer

May 19, 2016
| By Pat Evans |
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Rockford Brewing Co. Ain't Jemima maple amber ale beer bottle
Ain't Jemima is a 6.5-percent ABV maple ambler ale by Rockford Brewing Co. Photo via

A brewery in the area is releasing a specialty maple beer today.

Rockford Brewing Co. will release today its Ain’t Jemima maple amber ale at its pub in Rockford, followed by limited distribution to Michigan retailers.

Ain’t Jemima uses fresh Michigan maple syrup in its brewing process, along with caramel and Munich malt to round out the semi-sweet flavor.

The beer is part of the brewery’s Permaculture Series, and the first such beer to be released by the brewery in bottles, which are $6.99 per 22-ounce bottle.

The Business Journal featured the brewery's Permaculture Series last July when its owners, Jeff Sheehan and Seth Rivard, discussed what helps make the beers — such as Ain’t Jemima, Paradigm, Strawberry Erdbier, Raspberry Duality and Rhubarb Radler — special.

The owners said the beers must follow three rules: ingredients must be fresh, local and timely.

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