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Nursing college partners with global information provider

June 7, 2016
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Evelyn Clingerman
Evelyn Clingerman. Courtesy GVSU

Nursing students and faculty at a local college have the opportunity to work on new research projects, thanks to a partnership with a global provider of health care information.

Grand Valley State University's Kirkhof College of Nursing, or KCON, said it has entered into a partnership with Elsevier, a provider of “information solutions,” to collaborate on research projects utilizing Elsevier’s Clinical Practice Model Framework, or CPM Framework.

The CPM Framework has been implemented in more than 400 health care organizations to date.

Research projects will be coordinated by Evelyn Clingerman, executive director of The Bonnie Wesorick Center for Health Care Transformation at KCON, and Michelle Troseth, chief professional practice officer for Elsevier Clinical Solutions.

"The opportunity to conduct research within hundreds of hospitals in the U.S. and Canada utilizing Elsevier’s CPM Framework is extraordinary," said Cynthia McCurren, dean, KCON.

The CPM Framework is the “legacy work” of Bonnie Wesorick, a nurse entrepreneur whose lifework has involved “transformational culture change in health care.”

Troseth said the partnership will accelerate health care improvements by leveraging a transformational framework-driven approach.

“The CPM Framework has six inter-related models of care that focus on health and healing, partnership culture, applied evidence-based practice, health informatics, inter-professional integration and international consortium,” Troseth said.

“The types of research projects can focus on many of the unique attributes of these models, as they are implemented within CPM Consortium sites, with a focus on outcomes.”

Research projects will include focus areas of evidence-based practice, health informatics, inter-professional integration and partnership cultures, as well as the impact of a holistic health care approach over time.

In addition to collaborative research projects, KCON students and faculty members will engage in learning experiences at various Elsevier client sites, including the Elsevier corporate office in Grand Rapids, and co-present research project outcomes at conferences. 

Clingerman said the partnership is important to KCON students, because it will make research and scientific inquiry “come alive” as students learn to participate on inter-professional teams and apply what they’ve learned in the classroom.

“By participating in these projects, GVSU students will be exposed to cutting-edge inquiry that will solve issues within health care systems that can transform health care,” Clingerman said. “Health care organizations desperately need graduates with high-level experience leading change projects.”

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