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Agency produces digital marketing program

Mindscape provides classes, webinars for individuals and businesses.

September 16, 2016
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A digital marketing agency wants to empower local business professionals with the confidence needed to execute a successful digital marketing plan.

Mindscape in Grand Rapids is running its first Create and Execute Program this month under its new Training and Consulting Division.

Pete Brand, Mindscape CEO, said the Create and Execute Program is an eight-week program aimed at “making sure people are doing digital marketing effectively, so they aren’t wasting money.”

Brand said during the first four weeks of the program, participants will attend classes at Mindscape for two and a half hours, and during the second four weeks, attendees will participate in webinars.

There also will be one-on-one consultations scheduled after the first 30 days to review participants’ game plans, at 60 days to measure the impact of the work they’ve done and at 90 days to review the long-term strategy of the plan.

Brand said the goal is for participants to not only learn the skills but to put them into practice.

“The objective is to make sure they have a solid plan and they’ve spent 30 days in the execution phase,” Brand said.

Classes will be kept to no more than 10 people, which Brand said allows all the participants to receive the support they need throughout the program.

Brand said the course allows individuals to receive training they can use for the rest of their careers, and it provides businesses that may not have the money to hire Mindscape to be able to create a successful digital marketing plan on their own while receiving oversight from the firm.

“There are a lot of smaller businesses where price could be a barrier for them to hire us to do it for them,” he said. “The people who go through the course are essentially creating a new toolbox they can carry around forever and use those skills over and over again.”

Brand said he has been conducting one- and two-day digital marketing seminars for several years, which have drawn up to 50 attendees. For two years, he taught a 10-week course on creating a digital marketing game plan at Grand Circus in Detroit, which runs coding bootcamps.

Brand said he decided it was time to bring a similar course to West Michigan.

Pete Brand’s wife, Amanda Brand, was hired as Mindscape’s Training and Consulting Division coordinator.

Amanda Brand has a background in curriculum development and accreditation standards.

She previously worked as an associate professor and clinical coordinator for the Radiologic Technology Department at Grand Rapids Community College and was involved in helping the college go through an accreditation process.

Brand said Mindscape will run multiple Create and Execute Program sessions over the year.

The first class is underway and another session is scheduled to start in mid-October.

The program costs $4,000 to attend.

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