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Q&A: Lindsey Sage

October 18, 2016
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Lindsey Sage
Lindsey Sage. Courtesy Custer

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Lindsey Sage leads the health care and strategic accounts teams at Custer and oversees the company’s strategic initiatives, training and ongoing employee development.

Sage started her career in Los Angeles, where she worked for Tangram Interiors as an interior designer and later in a sales and business development role.

When she moved back to Grand Rapids in 2013, she continued working remotely for Tangram on its training and development initiatives.

Seeking a stronger connection to Grand Rapids, Sage joined Custer, a Grand Rapids-based Steelcase dealer, as VP of strategic accounts last February.

Biggest career break?

Transitioning into sales and business development unlocked my love for working with different types of people and uncovered my passion for leadership.

Proudest moment?

Standing in front of my Leadership Grand Rapids class this year, sharing my story and hearing how that story impacted so many of their lives. I’ll never, ever forget that day.

Best advice you’ve ever received?

Keep challenging yourself.

How did you make your first dollar?

I stocked shelves at Family Dollar!

Most-treasured possession?

My loved ones — family and friends

Dream job?

In my current role at Custer, I get to work with the people who design and build workspaces, and those workspaces inspire and motivate people to do their best work — people don’t want to leave them! I have my dream job.

If I were president for a day, I would…?

Make the news stations only broadcast good news all day and call it “The Good News.”

Last book you’ve read?

Rising Strong” by Brene Brown. I went through a lot of change in 2016, and this book was recommended to help my perspective — and it has helped greatly! I learned the struggle I faced through my failure and heartbreak has empowered me to have the strength and wisdom to persevere and to continue to be built stronger than I was before.

Last thing you Googled?

Seth Godin’s TED Talks. Seth is my all-time favorite author and speaker! We start our monthly Custer leadership meetings with some form of inspiration, and recently, I chose to share Seth’s message about finding your tribe and leading it. As leaders, we need to share our passions and beliefs about what we do, what makes us get up and what makes us excited to go to work. By sharing, we can make our organizations stronger, together.

Your worst habit?

Time management has always been a challenge for me. I often say my strengths can also be my weaknesses. I enjoy being active and engaged, but to my detriment, I can put too much on my plate. This habit can lead to late hours and meeting inefficiencies, so I try to assess my time management on a quarterly basis in hopes of working more effectively.

To unwind, I like to…?

I listen to live music and all different types of music to recharge. It feeds the creative part of my brain, so I continue to stay relevant and innovative in design.

Dream vacation?

To walk around Amsterdam and Greece and absorb all the beauty

Favorite food?

Any home-cooked meal by my dad — he’s the best cook!

Person you most admire?

I admire so many people in my life, so I can’t say a specific person. But I like to surround myself with any person that lives authentically, being true to who they are and who shares stories of happiness and success, but also hardships and sadness. I learn from these people daily, and I love meeting new people like this, because they are doing the hard work of change and personal development.

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