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Brandy wins 'top-rated' title at international competition

December 8, 2016
| By Pat Evans |
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Long Road Distillers cherry brandy bottle
Long Road Distillers' cherry brandy is 80-percent proof and made with tart cherries from Belding. Courtesy Long Road Distillers

A spirit by a local distillery has been named the Top Rated Fruit Brandy at an international competition.

The cherry brandy by Grand Rapids-based Long Road Distillers also scored a 93 and won a gold medal at the 2016 International Review of Spirits this month.

Long Road’s cherry brandy is an 80-proof spirit made with tart cherries from Heffron Farms in Belding. Each 375-ml bottle has the equivalent of 24 pounds of cherries. The specialty spirit was released in September.

Long Road's leadership is excited about the distillery’s possibilities with brandies, including the company’s apple and cherry varieties, said Brian Pribyl, head distiller, Long Road Distillers.

Pribyl recently spent a week in New York learning about brandies by working with Hubert Germain-Robin, a well-known brandy maker.

"Not only can we source high quality local grains for our spirits, but we're located in one of the best fruit-growing regions in the country,” Pribyl said. “We see brandy as one of the next big things in the market.”

Long Road

Long Road Distillers, at 537 Leonard St. NW, opened in 2015.

In addition to its brandy, Long Road has won many accolades for its spirits, including its aquavit, vodka, gin and whiskies.

The company's spirits are made on site in Grand Rapids from Michigan grain and ingredients.

Its products can be found at more than 450 accounts throughout Michigan. 

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